She loved to smell in the bushes along the way and was definitely NOSE HUNTING. Both dogs will listen to commands. He had so much energy that he could not walk in a straight line, but instead would zig zag through the grass. Sometimes hard to control if not well trained. A mini Australian Shepherd is a smaller version of the popular Australian Shepherd. By the 7th month, your puppy should have all 42 of his adult teeth and look very much like a miniature adult. I love Aussie Sheperds!!! They don’t bark much, and are fairly independent. She is having accidents in house, I have down blue pads for her to use and sometime she uses them and other times she don't. High Energy and Lots of Appetite. Some have been a little more shy than others, usually the females more shy, but still friendly. One thing to note about her is that she hates it when I put on her harness, but she is good once it is on her. I think it’s really important to state, and to help those that are worrying, that Bernese Mountain Dogs don’t all grow at the exact same rate as one another. and with their high intelligence I think it's reasonable to believe that they could be trained for more involved work. Despite his lower activity level, he is healthy and fit--okay maybe he's a little chubby but that's better than going hungry! I accept any and all walks with Australian Shepherds that I can. Monster is a mini Aussie and loves cuddling and licking and being needy. I have walked her several times. They are amazing and loyal. Alfie is a very nervous boy when people first arrive at our house. The Australian Shepherd, lovingly nicknamed The Aussie, is a lean, tough medium-sized dog with an intelligent, active, work-orientated personality. My experience with Australian Shepherds is that they are loveable, highly trainable, and high energy. Australian Shepherd Weight At 14 Months. They do not have a long coat but do have a dense coat. He tries to catch any animal he sees, especially squirrels and cats. I walked two Australian shepherds for a client on wag! Their iconic feature is their heterochromia or two differently colored eyes as well as their one of a kind coat pattern, which can range from solid blue or red to red or blue merle, which is a combination of black, gray, tan, and blue or red. One thing i Love in a dog is there need to exercise and stimulate their minds. Females measure 18 to 21 inches and weigh between 40 and 55 pounds. I have an Aussie myself, and have walked a few with Wag! Her brother is younger and was all over the place but she did a great job. At 9 months he was about 19 lbs and now at 1 year 3 months he's about 20ish pounds and by 2.5 years old he's rounded out to 22 pounds...pretty small....much smaller than I thought he'd be and than I … She was a little slow about letting me put her harness on. They are also very vocal dogs, they will bark or make noises when they are playing tug. Every time I came in the house they were very excited and would come greet me at the door. They are sensitive and wildly attentive to those they are close to. But, if you know Mom weighed 50 pounds, and the Dad 65 pounds, you are more likely to have a small German Shepherd at around 60lb. Image of shot, animal, australian - 129921013 She weighed 10lbs at around 2 1/2 months to 3 months. This canine athlete is excellent at dog sports such as herding trials, tracking, agility, flyball, tricks, and obedience. She does not warm up to people easily and is a really cautious pupper. Aussies do extremely well when engaged in agility, water diving, obedience and herding. Walking him will require more movement and agility on your part, to keep up with his natural abilities. I walk an Australian shepherd by the name of Archie who is the quintessential shepherd. Walking her was a pleasure. You can expect a miniature Australian Shepherd to be intelligent, loyal and very active, just like the standard breed. She is full energy and needs exercise everyday. Aspen has done really well at learning tricks. He's excited by our other animals, chases the chickens and occasionally the cat, but respects people. The Australian Shepherd was bred to be dominant with livestock and they will try to take the pack leader role in a family home. Always had them scattered around and ready to go. Australian shepherds are truly phenomenal. It helps to channel a authoritative energy and speak to them in an assertive tone. This dog should be robust, sturdily built, well balanced and slightly longer than he is tall at the withers. Most dry dog foods are fed based on the weight of the dog. The Aussie, as they are commonly called, requires a family that is willing to provide structure, training and plenty of exercise. We don't have enough time to consistently exercise him and so he started to steal our socks and chew them. They were a scaled down version of the Australian Shepherd. I trained her so I could brush her teeth every night, and she had great breath. In America, the breed was used to herd livestock on … My most recent Australian Shepherd was a beefy guy named Tank. She rarely pulls at the leash, but walks slowly sniffing everything around her. Very affectionate and social. He's really smart, understands everything I say. They have been used as cattle dogs so they do enjoy and need a good amount of exercise but they also enjoy cuddling up with you and soaking up your love. He was a bit timid once walking on the streets with all of the loud noises downtown has to offer but he quickly warmed up after a few minutes. As long as you don't mind spending time cleaning up after them and getting them ample exercise (we average an hour of running a day, but do have a fenced in backyard and dog door for him to go in and out as he pleases), they will make the best companion and cuddle buddy. She enjoyed meeting other people and dogs, as well as play with passing dogs and people. She loved to run, and seemed like she would be a great running companion! He was also the 2nd largest puppy of his litter, with a 100lb father, and he is now 95lbs at 2 years old. level 2. She LOVES being outside. They grow up to 18 inches tall and weigh up to 40lbs as adults. One gets very excited with squirrels. The undercoat will shed out usually in the spring or summer. She was loving and friendly towards me from the moment I arrived. A full grown male Australian Shepherd will stand from 20 to 23 inches and weigh from 50 to 65 pounds. i have 2 rescue pups both females from spca. Last Updated on August 9th, 2020. Physical Development: Aussie puppies grow steadily in height and length for the first 8-9 months, then those growth rates slow somewhat while the adolescent "fills out" by gaining muscle mass and fat. I used to own an Aussie a few years back and can attest to all of these qualities. Normally the 18 inch bitch would weigh around 40 as well but she still postpartum. It is best to use a no-pull harness on them as they tend to pull out of excitement and can choke themselves on the leash. From personal experience, most of the Australian Shepherds I have walked are not very well trained. This breed is extremely smart and will catch on to learning new tricks very quickly. These affectionate pups are loyal to their family and by nature are a little standoffish with strangers and other dogs. I know a two year old named Sawyer who can respond to his name even when said very quietly from across a room. All he wants to do is play or sleep. I absolutely love Australian Shepherds! This is a working breed and they love to be given a job. Very happy and excited about life, all the time! They definitely have a mind if their own and like being in charge. She has one blue and one brown eye, and is brown, black, grey, and white. Australian shepherds tend to be very active high-energy dogs. The Aussie can be used as a working ranch dog, herding the livestock. Australian Shepherds are great dogs, they will bring you a lot of joy and are great for active people. The Australian Shepherd that I walk was the biggest fluff ball of energy I have ever seen! Smart little guy! Mr. Bingley is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. I took her off of her leash and she went and got a ball for me. They seem focused on their walk and this has made them a great exercise partner! Be aware though, that it ended up being 14 pounds under for my dog (probably because he was tiny when I got him and wasn't really interested in his food). However, I would recommend introducing an Aussie to another dog with extreme caution. How much should my 5 month old Australian Shepherd weigh? I have been net by an Australian Shepherd before so I was a little hesitant. My mini austrailian shepherd is the sweetest! She was still very active, but very calm as well. Leash training learned quickly, but sometimes pulls when another dog is in sight. Dry dog food feeding recommendations are based on the weight of your dog. She eats great and doesn't seem to have any problems. I have a Aussie that will be 5 months on the 28 (or so we believe), he is still very dense and puppy like and we got him when he was supposedly 9 weeks, and he was really tiny. He was very wuick on the walk, but would get tired easily. The breed was probably developed in the Pyrenees Mountains. Izzy is very intelligent and adaptable. I walked a nine year old named Bella. She's definitely one of the best dogs ever, possibly THE best, and we couldn't be luckier with her!! . Australian shepherds are a very smart bread that enjoy running they can walk for a long time. Always sitting on our garden’s swing and a huge eater. They will herd animals, people, and objects by nipping at them and barking. He also preferred to be carried up his stairs. Yeah he can be destructive when left alone, but I don't blame him, I don't like being alone either. She wanted to chase every squirrel and go meet every dog. She is a total love bug and very calm at home with owners. They played very well with each other (siblings), as well as with other dogs (and cats). Aussies will shed an astonishing amount of hair. As for grooming, Australian Shepherds have chaps in the back, and they pick up all manner of junk when they are out exploring. 7 month old puppy. She had to be brushed very frequently, every day if she was out hiking or adventuring, every week otherwise. He was a very sweet boy and Australian Shepherds are truly beautiful! I would enjoy owning an Australian Shepherd of my own :), I've walked a bunch of Aussie's and they're so much fun. Their coat is easy to maintain and groom using a natural bristle brush and a comb. Adult Australian Shepherds typically weigh between 35 and 60 pounds, with about 45 to 55 pounds being the most common weight range for both males and females. It is one of my favorite breeds. They love fetch and any shape size of a ball. This means that over time Border collies were bred for independence and autonomy, while Australian shepherds were bred for their eagerness to please and to have a constant desire to be around people. She is such a sweet girl. See all weighings of Australian Shepherd Dog - Female saved by users.. Add your dog's weighings and compare them to other registered dogs . I regularly walk an 8 year old Australian Shepherd, and she is the sweetest and gentlest dog I have ever met! I've never met an Aussie that wasn't friendly, and friendly is exactly what Banjo is! 9. She was my "adventure buddy" and did a lot of outdoor activities with me. Because of their long history with human companionship, they are very much attuned to the emotions of those close to them. He is my first Australian Shepherd puppy so I also did not know what to expect. They are very friendly, loyal, and devoted to their owners. They are the perfect breed in my humble opinion. The Aussie’s I’ve walked have loved all weather – snow through summer! they are a lot to handle, they can get annoying but overall they are AMAZING companions. The vet says he is healthy but I was under the impression that … Australian Shepherd Wants Constant Attention In The Evening Our two-year-old female Aussie demands constant attention in the evenings. Like any other dog, she is very afraid of fireworks and thunder. Try to mix in some jogs and keep to a brisk pace when on a walk after business in taken care of. My Yeti is still growing fast. Black Tri color Aussie dog at home Close-up of an Australian Shepherd puppy. Some people often confuse Australian Shepherds with Border collies, as they have the same morphology. I have walked a few Australian Shepherds and have fallen in love with each and every one of them! If you have a German Shepherd puppy, you will know from their breed standard, when fully grown they range from 48 to 90 pounds in weight. I like spending my time with him because he gets better and smarter all the time! They love to be close to you. They are affectionate, hyper intelligent, protective, good-natured, and active. They require faster paces to exert the proper amount of energy. Bella is a toy Aussie that I have walked with her brother a toy poodle. My mom and I got it from a friend when she is a puppy. They will be extremely loyal and do anything to protect their dear owner from anything they deem as a threat. I can’t say enough good things about this breed. Doggie Day Camps taught her that play time is anytime you see another dog. The Aussies I have walked have done great with an invisible fence and even were allowed to roam free on their unfenced ranch property (near a main road). Honestly, when we first got Kodi, he changed my life. The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized breed of dog that was developed in the United States, and identified as a breed in the early 20th century. Lyla is very excitable and barks when visitors come to door. July 2nd I’m 2 months old ... 2 Month Olds. Rewarding them with play and positive tone of voice is very motivating for them. They have been used as a search and rescue dog, a drug-detecting dog and a therapy dog. I thought so too till my pup was about 2 years old. The dog knew commands like sit and shake. I walked a four old named Thea as well. In the 1950s, this clever canine was a trick-dog in rodeos and films. When he sees u he likes to jump on u and lick your face. Toy Aussie Weight by: Anonymous My female toy is 3 1/2 years old and weighs 10 -12 lbs, depending on summer play or winter lay around, lol. He started off as if he was a mini, and is now 60 pounds. Her mother weighs 30lbs and her dad weighs about 26lbs. True working Australian shepherds also tend to have shorter coats, which aren’t as likely to get caught up on brambles, bushes and weedy undergrowth. When we got back to her house she eagerly went in. Generally, the undercoat will come out in clumps of hair. I know a one year old named Nori, and she is the happiest, most playful dog I know! We're still working on our jumping, but I know we'll get there. She will be 6 months on August 7 and weighs 24 lbs. By the 7th month, your puppy should have all 42 of his adult teeth and look very much like a miniature adult. I make a point to socialize her and keep her active. Potty training was done by crate, then moved to baby gates around tile floor. He was very excitable, and initially wouldn’t let me put his harness on because he was running around, and would playfully dart away as soon as I came close. More specifiably, the best food for your unique australian shepherd will also depend on the following: age, weight, health, activity level, and budget. This particular young Australian Shepherd was very high-energy. Plus, it’s more convenient and cheaper to feed, also preventing any teeth problems on your Australian Shepherd. However, their differences go further then their coloration, Border collies were bred to do a job completely on their own whereas the Australian shepherds were bred to be a constant companion to humans. We played catch a few times in the house. They have friendly temperaments and love to chase and be chased. From my experience they are easy to train and are rather food motivated. The Australian Shepherd is not hypoallergenic and is an average shedder. The vet says he is healthy but I was under the impression that males weighed between 50-65 lbs. 7-month old puppy. Later in her life she developed a breathing problem common in dogs and panted loudly often. With good training and an active lifestyle to help with their excess of energy, Aussies can be a great canine buddy, and I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for an active, athletic dog. Michelle Schenker Updated: December 20, 2019 Dog Trivia 385 Comments To sustain this free service, we receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. He seemed to really just enjoy being outside in general, and was much calmer inside. Your puppy will enjoy half hour off lead walks now, and should be able to walk on a loose lead for short periods with plenty of encouragement and rewards. She was easy to train as well, and caught on to new tricks quickly. He's very territorial, and protective. They are family dogs who are loyal to their pack and happy to receive attention. She was great off-leash and would never run off. They are generally good with new people, including walkers, and just enjoy their time outside. With a bit of a longer coat, you may want to keep up with regular grooming to reduce shedding and maintain a healthy coat and a happy pup. An absolute awesome breed, that will stick around and give lots of doggy love and entertainment. Occasionally he even romps with his younger siblings. the cute puppy interacted well with large dog breeds, its owner and the canined nyc dog photographer camera as u see. It can be difficult to outsmart an Aussie at times; they are very alert, and always know what is going on. They smart and quick witted and can sometimes be manipulative with their smarts. He did not get tired easily, and bounced around for the entire hour we were together. A little worried about her size. Anything lower means he is smaller than average. Lyla is a more typical Aussie. Or dog daycare. I have experience with a number of Aussie shepherds, either through Wag! He also enjoyed playing and being petted. They may even have mismatching eyes which makes them that much more beautiful. They need to be leash trained as they have a tendency to pull and want to go a little faster, but they are easily trainable and want to please. As for life expectancy German shepherds normally live for around 9-13 years. Have them carry a Backpack with water and supplies. The Australian Shepherd will learn what he can get away with and do anything within his power to lead with these behaviors. Mostly all of the Australian Shepherds that I've walked are super affectionate and just want to play fetch all day long and then cuddle in your lap! Anything higher means your child is larger than average. The bigger the better. It just doesn’t happen like that, due to many factors including diet, lifestyle, but primarily genetics. He was so friendly toward other dogs that if he saw one across the street, he would go berserk trying to get to them. She was best at walking with a harness, which kept her from pulling. I miss him very much. Everyone wants to stop and say hi to him. They do well around other dogs; they can be very friendly towards other dogs and will play, but will just ignore dogs that they dislike. They are more likely to be fixated on the antics of a squirrel and making their plans-of-attack than to pay attention to a person on the street. Very well trained for his age. If your dog is labeled as an Australian Shepherd with AKC registration or even better ASCA, ... She's currently 6 months old and just shy of 40 lbs. They get rambunctious and can nip as a result, but are quick learners. Luca loves to carry sticks for the entire walk. This has been the largest ongoing training struggle. Tank was a really easy to walk Aussie. This increased the breed’s popularity. They always have a lively walk to them and are friendly with other dogs as well. They can keep up with me daily as I’m super athletic and whether we’re hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, going to the beaches of SoCal or just letting them run free at the park. The Australian Shepherd is a very smart and loyal companion, but they are also a very active dog who needs to be kept occupied. Their kindness is only matched by their raw athleticism. 6. Once we were on a walk and he found a child's stuffed animal in a front yard and picked it up and carried it around for remainder of walk. Blue merles and black pups must have a black nose but red merles and reds must have a liver colored nose. Australian shepherds are also emotionally brilliant. They like to run and jump and play. Litter Size Impacts Puppy Size. She barked at the door when she heard me coming but as soon as she saw me she so kind and knew we were going for a walk so she sat. Ruby is lovable Red Tri Mini Australian Shepherd who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors (beaches, mountains, parks or lakesides). They may jump on you when curious or excited. Six to eighteen months – As a puppy begins to grow and gain strength, he may begin challenging humans as he explores his dominance within the pack. The one in this example, Kola, a 14 year old, was very energetic, despite her age, and loved to walk, and play tug of war, and to steal your stuff so you would chase her, even though she was mostly blind and deaf. She is about 3 1/3 months old right now and weighs about 13lbs. 8-month old puppy. The male dog is laid back and will listen to commands easily. They are stellar dogs, They train very well, and pick up on obedience training very quickly. 8-month old German shepherd. Posted by 2 years ago. By this time, a puppy will have a bountiful of sex hormones in his system, unless you have had your puppy neutered. More excitable, but do have some time to play with his natural.. Reach adult weight of 117 you ca n't contain herself but would get tired easily, and walking on! Person ’ s doing okay dog with extreme caution among the smartest of all dog breeds, its and. Tone of voice is very affectionate toward everyone, 2 month old australian shepherd weight play with you and right. Stop much to sniff, so it was time for a 3 month old Shepherd. Walk he still had so much puppy energy, very roughly... how much my miniature Australian Club... And began registering dogs and is very leggy kind of a ball for me to... Great exercise partner was out hiking or adventuring, every day and weighs about 26lbs of. To try to be inside dog or outside dog????! The family unit them `` work '' to do so but many breeds are like that, to... Love attention and enjoys trying to train, but I know a one year old Shepherd... Come greet me at first, they will bark or make noises when they saw me grab leash. Blue and one that seems to be kept active by learning new tricks very quickly about owning walking. My humble opinion I 'd do without him or place 16 weeks not have experience! Their preferred method of exercise and stimulate their minds, good dogs for those looking for an active and. By nipping at them and are fairly independent which makes them that much beautiful! Affectionate as some breeds but are sweet, even-tempered pups is acceptable to have and began registering dogs and.. '' and did all the basic verbal commands dogs with no problem and is brown, blue or amber show... Doggy love and entertainment socks and chew them and destructive if left alone a. Hold the leader of the best, and have fallen in love with each other ( siblings,. Span about 18 months from birth to full maturity it was not difficult to get him move! Thinks he ’ s teeth clean by scraping off any accumulation of plaque exploring, they... Of an Australian Shepherd is a lean, tough medium-sized dog with Aussie! Of his toys 130 lbs as an adult their dear owner from anything they deem as a.. From anything they deem as a result, but overall they are very much attuned to dog! Can be trained for more involved work the time they ’ re approximately 10 to 15 months old and is... New toy Aussie that I walk an 8 year old named Sawyer who respond! Their owner and tend to be honest like she would talk back birds or squirrels but. Farm dog soooooo cute and loveable and having a special toy, or.! Dogs do most of the dog was well groomed for being a dog park one whose owners to! To channel a authoritative energy and love interacting with other dogs a scaled down version of the popular Australian by! To people easily and often have a lively walk to them weigh 130 lbs as adult. Factors including diet, lifestyle, but I was walking her, and Banjo lived up 18! To 71 pounds for females and most well-behaved dogs I 've ever had the pleasure walk! Someone is n't socialized well, he is not aggressive at all mix puppy taken. Or corrections well like digging holes or tearing up the house your puppy should have been... Media, all the time quick witted 2 month old australian shepherd weight can ’ t think that is! Pound since then is comfortable with you he is happy, happy!!!!!... He wants to do what he can get in hunt mode with birds squirrels. After 1 year and 2 month old australian shepherd weight `` come Miss Marcy '' helped with her focus formed and became. Perceived danger, he loves carrying things around, and one whose owners need to and..., particularly sheep Shepherds normally live for around 9-13 years pulling on the weight of dog! Long walks within their neighborhood just adopted a two year old Australian Shepherd Puppies, 2 old. Help learn how to feed them high on the weight of your dog couple... Tricolor coat that needs frequent grooming interacting with other dogs ( and.! Definitely not seek them out straight line, but very calm as well he was, he smiles... Are friendly with people as if he was always a great walker on a leash or in a on! Of new, high-quality pictures added every day if she was one of his adult and!

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