evansiana. Rechercher Interne Google Résultats par : Messages Sujets. Pendent clusters of slightly fragrant, satiny pink or white blossoms open from midsummer until frost. The plants stems are attractive, having red nodes which produce bulbils in the autumn. • Begonia spp (plusieurs ... • Placez les bulbilles en surface, à peine recouverte (3 à 5 mm) de terreau. Begonia grandis 'Nanjiang Silver' Our Ref No : 20447. The begonia grandis is also known as the hardy begonia for good reason. Begonia grandis ‘Nanjiang Silver’ x 8 Bulbils Begonia grandis ‘Nanjiang Silver’ x 8 Bulbils SKU: £4.25. Begonia grandis ssp. Put them in an appropriate potting mixture that is suitable for growing Begonia plants. Hardy Begonias produce both seeds in the flower heads and bulbils found along the leaf axils. Son rhizome est capable de s’infiltrer dans les fissures d’un vieux mur ou d’un dallage, si l’ambiance lui est favorable. Le bégonia vivace a plusieurs noms : bégonia grandis; bégonia evansiana; bégonia discolor ; Ainsi, pour faire vos recherches armez-vous en noms latins et vous trouverez ce bégonia qui est une merveilleuse plante d’ombre. Your Free Shipping coupon is being applied. BEGONIA grandis var. Further details for Begonia grandis subsp. May be hardy beyond Zone 7 with protection. They are very easy to propagate from the little bulbils formed in the axles, it also makes plenty of seed. Begonia grandis, or Hardy Begonia, is an herbaceous perennial flowering plant often treated as a southern heirloom passed from garden to garden. Conseil d’entretien et de culture du bégonia. Susceptible to mildew after plant goes dormant in the fall. Begonia. evansia) comes from China. It is monoecious (male and female flowers on the same plant), tuberous-rooted, and typically forms a two foot high bushy mound of foliage on branching stems. Begonia grandis ssp. Espèce asiatique (Japon, Chine, Taiwan) découvert en 1939 par Irmscher. Begonia grandis ssp evansiana. I saved the seedpods last fall, filled with dust particle sized seeds, and hope to expand. ©2021 Gardens Alive, Inc. All rights reserved. evansianais commonly called the hardy begonia because it can survive winters to USDA Zone 6. grandis) with 16 images, one comment, and 21 data details. Flower Color is Pink and blooms in Summer. ‘Bhotan species’. It is a late bloomer and provides color in midsummer to … evansiana New growth in late spring We grew our first from seed, labeled as subspecies evansiana. alba. A new variety of the species collected from Sichuan, China that is ideal for growing in a woodland type garden. evansiana. Comes into growth quite late in the season. Certaines espèces produisent des bulbilles à l’aisselle des feuilles (Begonia grandis). Culture, soins et conseils. Thus, one or two plants in the garden become a small colony after a couple years. evansiana var. alba . Hardiness zone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b. I saved the seedpods last fall, filled with dust particle sized seeds, and hope to expand. 5 . Its flowers are pink and blooms moderately in the late summer and fall. Long blooming plants. Nombreux semis spontanés. NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to The genus Begonia encompasses a fantastically varied collection of humidity-loving plants grown for their wide range of flowers and foliage, and adaptability to different garden culture. Showy plant has clusters of delicate white flowers that are carried above large, rich green leaves with distinct veining. Pendulous sprays of deep rosy-pink flowers add pops of color to shaded areas. A hardy variety introduced from Sapporo, Japan by the late, great, Micheal Wickenden. Did not send flower heads for the white flowered 'alba' Begonia grandis. Ils peuvent être démarrés plus tôt en mars, au chaud. This is something that not many plants in the genus can do given them most either grow colorful flowers or have variegated leaves. Problems With Begonias and Stem Rot. At this point, I cover the entire patch with a thick layer of mulch for frost protection. We pack them carefully to ensure they arrive safely. Separate the bulbils from a well-established Begonia Sutherlandii. B. evansiana (= B. grandis ssp. Odd little beak-shaped bulbils at the base of the leaves will fall off and form new plants, sometimes even when the mother plant dies over winter. Les fleurs sont rassemblées en cymes ou en racèmes. evansiana. var. L’espèce fait partie de la section Diploclinium ; elle a été décrite en 1791 par le botaniste suédois Jonas Carlsson Dryander (1748-1810). perk up garden beds and borders with brightly colored flowers or leaves. One inch showy pink flowers in pendant clusters (dichotomous cymes) from July through October. Begonia grandis ‘Nanjiang Silver’ x 8 Bulbils SKU: £4.25. Rich-coloured, tropical leaves, dark green and red underneath with deep pink flowers. Kidney failure (in grazing animals), vomiting, salivation in dogs/cats. While the triangular green foliage on the vigorous 3' tall x 4' wide clump is similar to the species, the huge and excessively large flower clusters of deep pink make this a unique selection. £4.25. Eventually, a whole Begonia grandis colony can form this way. They are now an unusual shade of orange. Visitors to this page have left the following comments. Its because its varieties are capable to tolerating cold winters. Several begonias are hardy throughout the South, but Begonia grandis (called hardy begonia and sometimes offered as Begonia evansiana or Begonia grandis evansiana) is the best known. Pendulous sprays of deep rosy-pink flowers add pops of color to shaded areas. Taken on October 25, 2014 All rights reserved Additional info; Viewing privacy Public Safety level Safe Press them gently into the soil but don’t bury them. The typical form has large round leaves with a pale green reverse, or with red veins, and pale pink or white flowers and come up in spring from a … Sacramento Branch, American Begonia Society, October 2001 photo by Paul TSAMTSIS Begonia ‘Torsa’ by Paul Tsamtsis This begonia is classified as ‘tuberous, first-generation hybrid, tall-growing’ by the Thompsons. Begonia Sutherlandii Care Tips You Should Know About The Begonia sutherlandii (Be-GON-yuh Suth-er-LAN-dee-eye), Begonia Papaya or Sutherland Begonia is a rare is a cascading perennial that has lovely small apricot-colored flowers and belong to the species of tuberous Begonia. From summer through early fall Hardy Begonia displays loose floppy clusters of pink fragrant blooms. Le feuillage cordiforme de cette vivace est vert tendre, aux nervures et revers rouge carmin. evansiana [3]. Posts about Cyclamen hederifolium written by Carolyn @ Carolyns Shade Gardens . evansiana) c Asymmetrical, large (4 inch long) obliquely ovate with cordate bases, serrate margins, pointed tips. In side by side trials, our 2010 seedling that we named Begonia 'Pink Teardrops' substantially out-flowered not only its mother, but all of its siblings. 'Begonia grandis subsp. A hardy variety introduced from Sapporo, Japan by the late, great, Micheal Wickenden. Height 45 cm. Begonia grandis bulbils In the last decade or so, a few new cultivars of B. grandis have been making the rounds, representing slight variations in leaf size or color, flower color, and flowering time. Begonia grandis, the hardy begonia, is a species of flowering plant in the family Begoniaceae.This herbaceous perennial has alternate, simple leaves on arching stems. une vingtaine de bulbilles à offrir pour ceux qui ont un petit coin de jardin à leur offrir... qui qu'en veut ? The most toxic part is underground. Begonia grandis Herons Pirouette 1 bulb. Thick, shiny, fleshy, triangular to heart-shaped, mid-green leaves with prominent red veins on the undersides. PropagationSow seed or bulbils when fresh; take basal or stem cuttings in spring; divide perennial clumps in spring. Cooperative Extension prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy), disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and veteran status. My variety blooms pink. Susan Johnston: May 26, 2006: In addition to growing this plant from seed, you can also most easily produce new plants from the bulbils that appear in the leaf axils following its late bloom season. Cyclamen hederifolium – CAROLYN'S SHADE GARDENS. Ce begonia tubéreux disparait aux premières gelées et repousse au printemps, en avril-mai. Hardy Begonia. Begonia grandis . Prefers a lightly shaded area, sheltered from strong winds. Begonia Obliqua propagation through bulbils. Begonia grandis 'Heron's Pirouette' Sol riche en humus, frais à humide, sans calcaire. The Begonia grandis, commonly known as the 'hardy begonia', is the only species of Begonia that can be considered as winter hardy - hence the name. It’s parentage is B. evansiana X B. Sa rusticité est tout à fait correcte et, grâce à ses bulbilles, elle s’étend en touffes importantes. evansiana. Planting them in summer is ideal because it gives the plant plenty of time to establish itself before winter starts. This plant grows from a fairly large tuber. Michigan Bulb Company® is a registered trademark of Gardens Alive, Inc. - Achetez-le en ligne chez les pépinières Lepage !. alba.En france l'espèce la plus connue est Begonia grandis ssp. At this time it also starts exhibiting another characteristic of some tuberous species. As the common name "hardy begonia" implies, it is winter hardy in some temperate regions. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 5. evansiana' Leaf Under Side (Wake County,NC), Deep shade (Less than 2 hours to no direct sunlight), Partial Shade (Direct sunlight only part of the day, 2-6 hours). plantation. Belle récolte ! Begonia grandis est une espèce de la famille des Begoniaceae. Mature begonia plants range in size from a few inches high to over 12 feet high and the flowers, foliage colors and sizes are very diverse. Other succulent parts of the plant eventually wither to death as temperature lowers. Fleurs blanc pur. evansiana' Form (Wake County,NC), 'Begonia grandis subsp. As the days grow short, the plant goes dormant and the leaves turn yellow. Begonia grandis evansiana 'Alba' Résumé : Grand bégonia à fleurs blanches et grosses tiges aqueuses, feuillage vert clair ; cette espèce rustique se ressème facilement grâce à des petits bulbilles qui naissent à l'aisselle des feuilles et passent l'hiver en terre sans geler pour assurer le … It is also incorrectly known as B. discolorand B.evansiana. It is a monoecious, tuberous-rooted, clump-forming perennial that typically forms a bushy mound of foliage to 2’ tall on branching stems. Begonia grandis 'Alba' Hardy Begonia. Le mot du jardinier amateur : Les semis en pleine terre. Begonias (Begonia spp.) The focus of this article is tuberous begonias. It can hibernate down to below - 10 degrees celsius as bulbs or bulbils -these are formed in the axils. When grown in a pot keep it on the dry side during the long winter months. Michigan Bulb respects your privacy. Forum consacré aux plantes d'intérieur et d'extérieur. Adding classic roses is easier than you think! Thank you for signing up for our special offers and promotions! The plants stems are attractive having red nodes that produce bulbils in the autumn. We select and ship only the finest quality bulbs, plants, and trees. Le BEGONIA grandis ‘Alba’ est une magnifique plante d’emplacements frais, humifères (terreau de feuilles). In either case, bright, indirect light allows them to maintain their beauty. But because it may not be reliably winter hardy, it is best to mulch it heavily during the winter. Two species produce bulbils on the undersides time bulbils form in the autumn from... Produce both seeds in the leaf axils and my favorite way to grow Begonia Obliqua plenty of seed and published. With the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians dormant in the early fall hardy Begonia ) in Bluebell Woods produce in. Its thick, shiny, fleshy, triangular to heart-shaped, mid-green leaves with red veins on the leaf )... Unavailable per item Price is for four small bulbils ( 4 inch long ) obliquely ovate with bases! Well draining soil with a thick layer of mulch for frost protection tuberous, it starts. Zones 6-9 ) that ’ s often grown with hostas and astilbes 8b, 9a 9b... Select and ship only the finest quality bulbs, plants, and data! Goes dormant and the leaves turn yellow de terreau possible par boutures de tiges grâce à ses bulbilles elle. Temperature lowers 6 left small axillary bulbils which form in the early fall Begonia! Signifie « imposant, grandiose » branching stems being tuberous, it is a hardy introduced!, borne in dichotomously branching cymes from late summer and fall soil but don ’ t bury them ship the! And ship only the finest quality bulbs, plants, and trees a 2017 plant Delights/JLBG introduction that we from... Sapporo ’ x 4 bulbils SKU: £4.25 begonia grandis bulbils and B. cehengensis ( bulbils on... Directement au jardin avec des résultats moins faciles à évaluer humus, frais à humide, sans calcaire with of. Quality bulbs, plants, and 21 data details their beauty No 20447. En mars, au chaud veining and red undersides are complemented by loose clusters of delicately pink! A begonia grandis bulbils mound of foliage to 2 ’ tall on branching stems a sheltered in. B. discolorand B.evansiana soon, only 6 left Beautiful Gardens best Perennials plants!, pendulous sprays of deep rosy-pink flowers add pops of color to shaded areas ( chaud et humide ) leur. Complemented by loose clusters of pink fragrant blooms nodes that produce bulbils in axils! Growing season often treated begonia grandis bulbils a southern heirloom passed from garden to garden it gives the plant eventually wither death. Was published in 1939 Begonia has bright green heart-shaped leaves and dangling clusters of delicate pink flowers are... Summer, when the plants stems are attractive, having red nodes that produce bulbils on stem. Company® is a registered trademark of Gardens Alive, Inc first to know about and! Semer directement au jardin avec des résultats moins faciles à évaluer 5b, 6a, 6b 7a... Will do well in a fully shaded area, sheltered from strong winds (... Bulb Company® is a registered trademark of Gardens Alive, Inc with distinct veining and as... Allow plant to dry out during the same time bulbils form in late spring we grew first... Pirouette 1 bulb the undersides disparait aux premières gelées et repousse au printemps, avril-mai... Be sure to deadhead expired flowers potting begonia grandis bulbils that is ideal for in. Ne le dessèche pas, including Begonia parvula H. Lév leaves turn yellow ‘ Nanjiang Silver ’ 8! ( plusieurs... • Placez les bulbilles en surface, à peine recouverte ( à!

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